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Veretekk Reflections

Looking Back At Nearly 2 Decades Of Excellence!
So Much History... But Always A Single Goal...

Thinking back to the mid 1990's and the origins of Veretekk it was a very different world. The Internet itself was in relative infancy. Only a tiny percentage of companies even had their own website. People were just starting to really use email. They was no such thing as a "social network". Few people had a cell phone, much less a smart phone or tablet which wouldn't be invented for years to come.

But even so... many people just had a sense that the Internet was going to fundamentally change the game for home based business.

And it did...

Veretekk was an important part of that history. When we first started the Internet truly was the "wild west" with virtually no rules and certainly no guidelines to help people figure out how to utilize it to grow a successful business. There was no such thing as an email autoresponder... a way to have a computer systematically send out a series of emails to a prospect over a period of time, exposing them repeatedly to your sales message. SO WE CREATED IT for the direct sales industry. The idea of a self replicated website, allowing 1,000s of people to have their very own version of it and URL they could promote and their own didn't exist either. SO WE CREATED IT and opened up totally new avenues for people to grow their businesses. Back then people had never even heard of a "PDF" document but as the technology caught on we had a vision that even PDF's could be customized and self replicated... so that you could take a valuable eBook on a topic like Internet marketing and have your own contact information automatically embedded in it to use as an additional prospecting tool. WE CREATED THESE THINGS when nothing like them existed!

But we have always been one overriding purpose and goal.

To level the playing field and help empower the "little guy" marketer to achieve true success in network marketing!

It is with a great sense of nostalgia that we look back on those early formative years of Veretekk. Much more than an opportunity, we felt what was more like an "obligation" to be the bridge between the home based business industry and a budding online world. We knew that technology could be a great equalizer. People from all walks of life would be able to engage in global business. And we could provide REAL SOLUTIONS to help people continue to expand their businesses well after they had exhausted their warm market.

Well after the coming corporate announcement... this will continue to be out goal.

It has been our great privilege to meet and help the many 1,000's of you personally over the years... and equally the 10,000's of you who know us only through email, online conferences, etc. As a testament to the system itself, many of you have been active subscribers for 15+ years... incredible! As we move towards this FINAL CHAPTER in the evolution of Veretekk, we will open our arms yet again... always striving to help those seeking success (particularly those who have struggled to find it)... and invite you to join us in an absolutely game changing opportunity.

Just our way of saying thanks...

Stay tuned over the coming weeks, as these are indeed the final days of Veretekk!

Michael Darling, President
Thomas Prendergast, CEO, Inc.
Veretekk - The End is Near?!  

The Veretekk Marketer Newsletter

The End is Near... Or is it the Beginning?!

After More Than 18 Years As An Industry Standard...
The Final Chapter For Veretekk Is Near!

For almost a year we have been in a transition leading up to this moment...

The biggest announcement in Veretekk's storied history will occur within the coming few weeks!

This development will fundamentally change the nature of the Veretekk system. It will be a bombshell that ignites buzz throughout the entire industry. After almost 2 decades of diligent service to the "little guy", Veretekk will evolve into a new system... with a new mission... yet the same ultimate purpose of helping to lift up and empower people to new levels of success!

Stay tuned over the coming days and weeks for more details!

Michael Darling, President
Thomas Prendergast, CEO, Inc.
Kawabunga, surfs up!

My name is Thomas Prendergast. The following is an ad hock resume I threw together tonight for a top leader in the Home Based market. Our group is attracting top leaders and we are not only positioned at the top of this company, we have become the fastest growing organization in history too. And we just got started. So enjoy the story. It is all true and I am sure I have missed a lot telling the story. But I promise I will write a book about it. I love writing books and this is going to become a best seller, I am sure.

First and most important I am a big wave surfer. so I am posting a video of a scene I have seen close up and personal and want to share it with you. I don’t know why, but I am compelled to do so as it will help you understand how I tick, so to speak.

I am first and foremost a competent and successful artist, have been my whole life. In 1984 I started a direct marketing and business to business ad agency in the San Francisco Bay area (Palo Alto). That business took off with monthly revenues in excess of $2 million per month and I learned the trade of high end marketing in a competitive arena of the silicon valley revolution.

I am first and foremost a competent and successful artist, have been my whole life. In 1984 I started a direct marketing and business to business ad agency in the San Francisco Bay area (Palo Alto). That business took off with monthly revenues in excess of $2 million per month and I learned the trade of high end marketing in a competitive arena of the silicon valley revolution.

I learned about the coming Internet way before anyone else, and became a professional at direct marketing, mass mailing, leads production, fulfillment, tradeshows, video and audio development for radio, TV and display at conventions. I also won many awards for our advertising, fulfillment programs (breaking records), trade show designs, etc.

I came away from that era with full knowledge in video production, script production, directing and 3d design and development. I cut my teeth on the computer revolution as my first PC was right before the advent of the first Macintosh, and have been intimate with computer programming, development, publishing and production starting in 1984.

I am proficient and a master at the direct mail arena, 4 color publishing, fulfillment, respond campaigns from the old world. All of this experience carried over in the early 1990s as I moved away from San Francisco to a remote area in the Washington State Puget sound and started a new company in design and direct mail publishing. Shortly after that I was exposed to MLM. Unwittingly I responded to a (spam) email in my AOL account (you know back when you paid $2.95 per hour for dial up into AOL). It offered me real Internet access for $19.95 per month and offered me the ability to make a commission when I promoted it.

I thought on it for 30 days (remember I knew nothing about MLM), then went about making self-replicated installation disks for automated signups for both Macs and PCs (Back in the Windows 2.1 days). Then built a multi-color process mailer similar to the old AOL envelopes. Got 20,000 disks run, envelopes printed, letters inserted and a huge mailing list set to go bulk mail (remember this is what I did) created a professional video and bought time to run that on local public access cable. Ran a few press releases to the local radios, news agencies, local magazines and newspapers and took out display ads in the local news papers and let her rip!

In less than 30 days I put 60,000 plus people into a company I did absolutely no background checking with. My first check was massive, it bounced as the owners of the company took the money and left the country. Welcome to MLM.

I have been on a mission since.

 My partner Mike Darling and I met in 1996 when he had just turned 20 and we have been together working at this quest ever since. We have experienced the best and the worse. We have built advanced marketing and genealogy systems for around 100 companies in that time. We have watched them come and watched them go We built innovated the very first automated marketing system in 1996. We built the first self-replicating system in 1994 along with the first online database connected application. We built the first autoresponder email system and the first broadcasting submission system.

We own Veretekk a 20 year old automated marketing system that we recently sold. It will be converted as the exclusive automated marketing system, full blown, like Talk Fusion, for free and configured just for OA, but can be used by anyone.

We are in the process of our newest flag ship called MarketHive. It is the advanced new flag ship of the marketing technology and will crush all the others. (This is why not a good investment in other MLM marketing service driven type businesses) because this baby will do it all, I mean all, including video emailing, auto responders, forms for capture pages, social network advanced stuff, technology for conference rooms, hosting, domain registry, blogging platforms, massive broadcasting advanced techy stuff and the entire system for totally free for life. This will be a massive lead machine as well as put all other systems out of business. You can compare what this is to and Think of it as the Enterprise juggernaut of inbound marketing technology. All for free. To compare, HubSpot charges around $3000 per month for a similar system. We invented Inbound Marketing technology. We own all our servers, our own data center, all of our technology and it has all been built on the combined experience of Mike Darling and myself.

Now what we bring to the table for Ocean Avenue business opportunity:


First of all we bring 20 plus years of experience and technology. Veretekk has a combined database in excess of 25 million subscribers. With over 200,000 top level members and an active subscriber list of over 35,000 people that visit daily. We use this platform to advertise to. We just recently took all the advertisement for our use exclusively.

We also lead this people with respect and honor and have earned the respect of the industry with over 20 years of service to the MLM industry.

We have been very patient for this time, for this moment, for this event to occur. We are ready, we are like thoroughbred race horses, we can smell the turf, adrenaline is starting to course through our veins. Our nostrils are flaring at the scent of the turf, the race about to occur. We are charged up and ready to crush it. This is the Tsunami we have trained for our whole life. We are ready!

To date we have already built a few advanced proprietary systems ready to go to work for our organization.

Our capture page technology at ( a self-replication capture system) that is connected with a top level professional telemarketing call center that is plugged into the Oceans Ave back office and there to convert your respondents into distributors. You know what this means right?


Drive traffic to the system, when they register by simply clicking on the Facebook icon, LinkedIN icon, Twitter icon, etc. you are immediately alerted to the lead and the call center begins calling them to educate them and lead them into the ultimate decision to join your business. There is no limit or back logging. The system can accommodate as many people you can send there.

This type of system can be recreated all over on as many domains as we see fit. With each capture page designed to professional standards with professionally produce videos using professional actors. (The video production is underway right now. Videos as professional as anything Ellison media has produced an probably of better creative design and production.


A self-replicating system just for the selling of the flag ship products like the 2 Minute Miracle Gel like this system, already in place and working

Advanced blogs designed for Press releases (We will be doing these just not yet) like ou system as well as my blog when it is converted over from the old Trivita days. It will be used to educate people on the costs of marketing and the cost of customers. Not the typical MLM pitch blogs, but real blogs with real information and training that real entrepreneurs seek.

We have a solid Wave theme for this company. Domains that are well aged with high Google PR rankings like and Like and We own over 300 well established and aged and well ranked domains which will all be used for the marketing for our team.

Mike Darling and I are professionals, in advertising, copy writing, press release distribution, direct mail response programs, SEO and Asocial Marketing expertise.

Our Fan Page at is currently at 1400 Likes and is growing by about 100-200 per day. Organic growth, not artificial growth.

We own domains like,, ,,, are a few of the 300+ domains we have well established and aged. Makes for better SEO results. This assists greatly in getting top SEO results. I own over 10 social groupings (A specifically identified group) portfolio of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN, Instagram, etc. with some of these accounts like my twitter account with 10,000 or more members. Facebook memberships in excess of 7000 and personal relationships with many celebrities and wealthy owners of successful companies. We are well connected in many markets.

Remember we just sold Veretekk too, so we have plenty of capital for a massive ad campaign using Youtube, Google ads, radio, Hulu, direct mail, etc. Not to mention the massive press release campaigns we are preparing to launch.


We just sold a huge asset, yet we will retain control of it (Veretekk) for the benefit of Ocean Avenue (a free advanced labeled system for Ocean Ave) available for anyone to subscribe to and use. However, it will contain advertising throughout it that all points to our rotational capture systems just for our top leaders to qualify for to receive that traffic.


We are masters at building professional videos. One such video about to be released for the spa community will be made available for the low tech use of Tablets to deliver the presentation in a one on one or digital display. Each unit will also have an ap installed for the distributor to use for ease of recruitment. This is made available to bring tech to the warm market. These Tablets will be made available for Gold Ambassadors in our organization only.

Example of a video produced for a company called OneSource:

We invented the replicating PDF files. We use this technology to offer free ebooks, that are personalized and carry advertising with personalized phone numbers and web sites. One such book we are in the process of prepping for this lead generating system is David Hull’s The Breakthrough which is about why warm marketing works if done right. I have read this book and concur he is right on with his message. This book will be made available for free, from the domain and will be another lead generator hooked into the telemarketing respond service.

We literally have and control a database of over 25 million subscribers from Veretekk and also have them in our sphere of influence. We have the assets to command attention on the Internet and will be able to get any markets attention and compel them to our systems for our exclusive use for our organization.


We are the fastest growing organization in the company and positioned just a few distributors from the top. I have become close friends with the only Master Distributor who also is a big wave surfer as myself. We are bonded on many levels. I have great respect for him and honor this new friendship with Kauri Thompson.

I have crushed companies with my marketing in the past. This time, we are going to unleash everything in our arsenal and this time this company has the resources to not just withstand the growth but to explode and become the next great story.

We invite you to become part of this historic event and take part in writing this chapter in history.

Kawabunga, surfs up!

Thomas Prendergast
Big Wave Surfer and Master of Marketing

P.S. I have also published 6 books over the last 20 years as well. I am sure I have missed a lot of other important points but I think you get the picture, we are ready to ride Mavericks!

The Life Changing Event  

The Marketing Report
"Life Changing Event"

  From the Desk of: Thomas Prendergast

Months ago I had several life changing events take place. Let me explain.

February I discovered my accountant for nearly 20 years had failed to file my income taxes since 2009. Although he sent me copies of my taxes for those years and assured me he had filed. He did not. Is this weird or what?

I make arrangements to go to San Diego in March to interview attorneys to protect my interests in regards to this gross dereliction in duty and to pick up all my files from my now defunct accountant. I planned the visit for the week of the Easter holiday so I could also see my son who goes to school there.

I used to live in San Diego and have many friends there. One of them, Maria Metcalf, who used to be my secretary learned of my visit while I was there and called me and asked me to come to dinner the night before I left.

At that dinner I was invited to a special cocktail party the coming weekend so I extended my stay. At that party I met many dynamic people including Ray Grimm and his wife Daren Grimm. At that party I learned of an organization that protects physically and sexually abused children, via Daren and she invited me and my son to some back the following month to attend a Child Help black tie fund raiser at the Del Coronado. We accepted, that being my son and I. I made arrangements to come back to San Diego in a month.

While I was there during the extended time, I spent a day at Ray’s office that being the headquarters for a company called Bhip and used an office there for my business. While there I discovered a company that was at the very beginning stages of starting up.

I was not interested, but very curious. I was surrounded by entrepreneurs. I am focused on a new project Mike Darling and I are deep into. That project is very secret and only a handful of people are involved and know about it. But the nature of Ray’s new venture Bhip, got under my skin. Here is what I discovered:

  1. Startup company in the USA with only a handful of distributors involved

  2. Company in operation in Asia for 5 years with over $70 million in monthly revenues

  3. Opened in 40 countries ready for business

  4. Proprietary health product with 10 patents, not pending but approved

  5. 52 clinical studies, not a product depended upon anecdotal but actual case lab studies.

  6. A proprietary hybrid compensation plan that is actually very fair and impressive.

  7. A large group of well-known celebrities available to build a marketing system with
    See YouTube Video []

  8. Asked a respected college to assess the company expecting a negative and got a positive revue

  9. Joined, then test marketed, and recruited 8 people out of 12 I have never done business with before.

  10. Negotiated a deep discount for people to join for the month of June.
Then I went to the Child Help black tie benefit and it all started to make sense. I met Yvonne Fedderson and Sara O’Meara there and the magic happened. When we met and shook hands my tears started to flow. I knew something was up. I knew these ladies where far more than their small stature revealed. I have written an article about the event and my son and I even got our pictures with Yvonne and Sara on the front pages of the newspaper in San Diego.

But the real dynamics of this had still yet to be revealed, however, I knew something big was in the works. After the Del Coronado Black Tie affair, I received a movie in the mail along with their book, “Silence Broken”. This movie and book opened up my heart, restored my memory of my childhood abuse and changed my life and direction.

BTW: Here is an edited version of that movie for your viewing. It will help you understand why I am dedicating my life to this. []

It requires a password: Hf44eOj3Sw2 Do not share this video with anyone please

If you have known me over the years I have shared with you the many amazing miracles in my life and building Veretekk. The many visitations I have experienced and especially the healings I have witnessed, been part of and engaged in. Truly God is merciful and active in our lives. However, I have never met anyone else personally that has had similar experiences much less an incredible healing, until now. And this is what pulls all this together.

After my latest visit to Phoenix to visit, the ladies; Sara and Yvonne, autographed another of their books to me called “Miracle Healings, God’s Call”. This book was an epiphany to read, here is why. I have transcribed the part of the beginning chapter from Sara. This is her book. This is her story and it totally melted my heart. These are her words (Sara O.Meara)

Almost 40 years ago, I was a young woman with a family, rewarding mission advocating for children, and all the responsibilities of a busy mother and nonprofit founder. The philanthropic spirit instilled by my faith and upbringing had led me from country to country and I was filled with energy and a passion to change the world. Much like today, my schedule was hectic and my calendar had no room for a day off with the flu, much less something more serious. It was during this time that I was diagnosed with an incurable cancer and given three months to live.

I felt all of the emotions that come with such frightening news. My mind instantly focused on my children (my own and those I sought to save through my work) and the effect my illness would have on other loved ones in my life. There was so much to do, so many people to take care of and I was struck of the natural sense of being somehow cheated by life.

Hopeless in my hospital bed, I waited for more tests and began the arduous process of attempting to face my fears of death. A deep, dramatic, mesmerizing voice boomed from the television. A thin woman in a flowing dress pointed her long index finger straight at the camera and said, "If you need a miracle, come to the Shrine Auditorium this Sunday!"

Being brought up Presbyterian, and spending years as a Presbyterian Sunday School teacher, I had never been to a healing service. I thought of them as "holy roller" affairs replete with snake handling and speaking in tongues. They seemed overly theatrical and slightly silly. Still, her voice chilled me and I was moved by her words.

There is something powerful about having nothing left to lose. Our vanity, defenses, and prejudices fall by the wayside and we open our hearts to options we may have never considered. The evangelist was named Katheryn Khulman. She hosted a regular program called I Believe in Miracles and conducted "healing crusades" throughout the country.

Healthy happy Sara might have flipped the channel, but this new version of myself, still in pain from the surgery that had not been successful at cutting out my cancer, knew that I had to be at her upcoming service.

I was not supposed to get out of the hospital for days, but I talked the doctor into releasing me. I falsely assured him I would stay in bed and not move. I had an incision which was about thirty six inches long and clamped together to heal. That was before there were fading stitches and the wound was vulnerable to the elements.

The doctor said, "You could bleed to death if you move, so I really hesitate to let you go home." Nevertheless, I successfully talked him into letting me go home, knowing I was planning to attend the healing service on Sunday.

I called the Shrine Auditorium and asked if there was a section where very ill people could sit. I had seen the winding lines on television with crowds trying to get in and standing for long periods of time. I could barely walk and knew I would not manage in the middle of the masses. My name was put on a list and I was told to enter through a special door for terminally ill patients.

A friend drove me and dropped me off at the curb so I would not have far to walk. I was instructed when to be there and arrived on time. Nevertheless, when I ambled up to the door I was told, "Everything is filled and if you had wanted a seat in this section, or anywhere, you should have been here an hour ago."

I was dejected. My hope vanished and I felt foolish for believing that God had sent me some special message on the television. Probably everyone straining to pack into this place had the same feeling I did. We were all desperate to save our lives and grabbing at straws for salvation. I turned around to leave.

My friend, Ruth Martin, had been in the auditorium and recognized me on the street. She had gone outside to her car to get a sweater because it was cool inside. She said, "What in the world are you doing here, Sara?"

I said, "I don't feel well and I'd hoped to get in but every seat is taken. My friend and I are going home."

She said, "I will give you my seat and my husband can give your friend his seat." Usually, I would have been polite enough to say, "Oh, no, no, no," but I jumped at the chance. I was poised for miracles and this was the first one of the day.

The seat was located way up in the balcony. As I climbed the steep stairs I saw that I was stepping in my own blood. I was bleeding from the long incision that began underneath my neck and trailed to my left side. I was so weak by the time I reached the top that I almost fell into my seat, which was fortunately at the end of the row.

I tried to right myself and was struck by a strange sense of lightness. I felt that my body was lifted up and I hovered above myself looking down. In my peripheral vision, a pink cloud the consistency of cotton candy was floating on the left side of the auditorium. I was slightly transparent but a seemingly solid mass. While still above looking down, I watched it float around my body. My rational mind concluded three possibilities: I was about to faint, I was hallucinating from the pain or I was slowly drifting towards death.

I don't know the length of time that passed. the sermon was quiet in the distance and the crowd has dissipated around me. I was so intrigued by the vision and wanted to turn to the friend next to me and ask her if she saw what was happening but i couldn't. I was frozen. My body was just there.

Kathryn Kuhlman stopped her service and her booming voice cut through my consciousness; "there is a healing of a girl with cancer riddled throughout her body."

Kathryn continued her service and then stopped again, "This girl in the balcony is being healed. She is having a phenomenal experience! She feels a thousand needles going through her at the moment."

I came out of the cloud and back into my body. It felt as if needles were coursing through my skin. It must be like the sensation of being shocked through an electrical current. The entire row where I was sitting fell over like dominos in the seated position-feeling the overflow of the Holy Spirit going through me. Kathryn emphatically called out, "this girl is sitting in the last row of the first balcony in a red dress. God has saved you for a very special purpose. You are anointed!"

I was wearing a red dress. There was a great commotion around me because everyone had been knocked over by the power. The ushers had seen this and came over to me and said, "Aren't you the one that's being healed?"

I said, "I think so." I must have sounded pretty confounded because light laughter rustled through the auditorium.

An usher instructed me to stand up and give my testimony. I was hesitant. Even with the profound nature of the events unfolding, my self-consciousness and sense of doubt crept in. I was concerned to look foolish in front of the crowd. Because of my extensive charity work for orphans and former life as an actress, I was well known and active in the Los Angeles community. What if someone I knew was there?

As I hesitated, I heard a very clear voice speak to me, "You mean that I would do this for you and you would deny me?"

I jumped out of my seat, and as I did a tremendous energy flowed from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. I was filled with a sense of knowing that I was a new person. There was no Pain. I felt energized. The bleeding had stopped and as I walked downstairs front he balcony, I found I was literally gliding the long distance to the stage. I knew that this touch of God's grace had given me a second chance.

As I walked down the aisle towards the stage to give my testimony, there were other people who had been healed that were anxious to get on stage to relate what had happened to them. I could not push through the throng of people but I spoke privately to God, "Oh God, I'm here. You see I'm here. I'm not going to make it up there, but I want you to know that I'm here to testify."

Kathryn Kuhlman came to the edge of the stage and pointed at me, "The girl in the red dress in the back, would you make way for her to come forward? The glory of God is all over her!"

There are rare moments in life when all education and rationalization give way to pure feeling. It is the rush of emotion we experience when falling in love or dreaming or experiencing childbirth. It comes in dramatic waves and when it's over, it is virtually forgotten. When we attempt to give it words we render ourselves speechless. I went up on stage and gave my testimony. I spoke from the heart and recounted exactly what happened.

When I had finished, the usher said, "Miss Kuhlman would like your phone number. She wants to know how to reach you, would you mind?" I have it to him. Driving home with my friend, I was still in a daze and my mind was swirling as I praised god over and over again.

When I undressed that night, I realized my skin had mended over the clamps. The deep gaping wound had closed around each clamp. I felt repaired and at peace. The following morning, at my doctor's appointment, the doctor was amazed when he examined me. He left the examining room and approached Yvonne Fedderson, my dear friend anxiously sitting in the waiting room. Discarding professional medical terminology, he exclaimed, "You have the kookiest friend I've ever seen! I am in a state of disbelief. The skin has healed up over the clamps." The newest x-rays showed I was completely cured of my cancer with the doctor declaring he had no explanation for it.

The next day, I received a call from Kathryn Kuhlman and she asked if I had a copy of my x*rays before and after the healing. I told her I did and she asked if I could bring them with me to film a segment on her national television show. I was initially concerned about just giving a testimony on stage and now I was slated to appear on national TV. Still, the actress in me was able to step forward and share my story even though the young woman who had been healed felt slightly terrified.

After the appearance, Kathryn asked if I would oversee the VIP section at all of her services in Los Angeles. This section was set aside for recognizable celebrities. Before six months was up, she had placed me in the most difficult section which was where the wheelchair bound seekers and terminally ill patients sat in the hopes of healing. It was there that I realized I saw light around the person that God would touch and heal during the service.

As is my nature, I wanted to ensure I was not imagining this bright glow around those who had been chosen, so I tested myself for months. Soon I developed the courage to tell illuminated individuals that the Holy Spirit and God's touch was upon them prior to Kathryn calling out a healing in the wheelchair and terminally ill section. I became adept at identifying the exact one on whom the Holy Spirit fell.

Because I told them they would be healed prior to Kathryn's acknowledgement many were bolstered to receive their healing. Sometimes it seemed like faith needed a nudge to flourish but when it did, miracles happened.

When I finally spoke to Kathryn about my gift, she threw her head back, laughed and said, : It's just the beginning for you, Sara. It's just the beginning. God has a great plan." I thought she was speaking about my work healing abused children. I didn't know that she was talking about the beginning of our work together and a treasured friendship as well as what my future held for me.

I traveled to the Holy Land with Kathryn Kuhlman and it was there that she strongly reiterated that God had saved me for the special purpose of healing. My purpose was not only for the organization that my friend Yvonne and I founded for abused children, but also a gift off healing to be used for His glory.

While Kathryn, my dear friend Yvonne and I were having lunch at a little restaurant overlooking the Red sea, Kathryn said to me, "I hope you recognize what God has done for you. He has given you the gift of healing." I knew that I had developed a knack for sensing what ailed others and I had experienced a healing of my own that was nothing short of miraculous, but her words were weighted with such responsibility. I wasn't sure I was ready to accept such a profound purpose, nor was I sure the mantel had truly fallen on me.

Reflecting back on that day, I wondered if Kathryn know about her own health or felt the need to pass a torch so that her ministries could continue. Shortly after our trip, she passed away on the same date as my healing. I was heartbroken because of our close friendship. I felt there was so much more to learn from her and countless people who needed her guidance.

I suppose when our senses are awakened by God's love, we open our eyes to new signs and symbols He makes available to inspire our consciousness. My oldest son, John, was born on February 20th, I was healed on February 20th and Kathryn Kuhman died on February 20th. This meaningful date in my life was one sign that I was on the correct course to continue as a conduit for God's graceful healing.

A year after her death, a famous healing priest named Father Ralph DiOrio from Massachusetts, was doing research on Kathryn Kuhman. He read a chapter she had included about me in her book and he began to search for me. People told him if he wanted to know more about Kathryn he should contact Sara O'Meara. He didn't know how to find me because my phone was unlisted. However, while he was a guest in Danny Thomas' home in California, he asked if Danny and his wife, Rosemary, happened to know me. As fate would have it, they had been active in my children's charity. They replied, "Yes, we're friends."

The Thomas' invited me to dinner to meet Father DiOrio. I was unsure why he would want to speak with me but I went. I told him my story and he listened with rapt attention. He confirmed that God had granted me with the gift of healing and I must use it. He offered to mentor me and ended up playing a major role in my life. We began conducting some services together to bring God's mercy to those who needed it most. I spoke and helped with preparations but I had not been officially introduced as a healer.

Months later, at a service that Father DiOrio and I were performing together in New York, he surprisingly announced that Sara O'Meara would be praying on one side of the podium and he on the other for people who had not received a healing during the service. I was overwhelmed because I thought, "This audience doesn't know me at all." There were 3,000 people in attendance and I recoiled fearing that nobody would know me and they would all go to Father DiOrio's line. I was right. Not a soul stood in my line.

At the end of the long snaking line for Father DiOrio, I saw an extremely tall man speaking to two or three people gathered around him. They appeared to be members of his family. He looked towards me several times and I inferred he was discussing whether or not to try me for fear he might not make it to Father DiOrio.

The tall man made his way towards me and I nervously thought, "Oh no, he thinks I can do something for him." There were mixed emotions. On one hand, I was embarrassed no one was in my line but I was also apprehensive that the tall man was on his way to see me and there was nothing I could do to help him.

The tall man said, "Would you pray for me?"
I asked, "Well, what is wrong with you sir?"
He said, "I have an inoperable cancerous tumor on my face," as he pointed to a prominent lump on his right cheek.

My heart went out to him. The baseball-sized tumor distorted his features and clearly made himself*conscious. His eyes were filled with such expectation and I was afraid God would not heal him through me. I prayed all the time but felt paralyzed. I couldn't think of a single prayer. I reached into my heart for the first words I could find, "Dear God, heal this man."

As soon as I spoke, there were screams from his family. they gasped and created quite a commotion. The swollen tumor had begun to deflate. It was disappearing before all of our eyes. I was even more shocked than he and his family.

All of a sudden a rush of people came to me. A second healing occurred with a woman suffering from a skin disease that no one was able to cure. The visible gauze that had been sticking to her body began peeling upward to reveal her newly repaired skin.

An 82 year old gentleman who was totally deaf in one ear and had 80 percent hearing loss in the other, explained that for 50 years he could not ear but suddenly my voice rang clearly through the cathedral. The day was filled with miracles as I continued to pray for people and practically everyone I prayed for was healed. It was then and only then that I consciously accepted that God wanted to use me in this way.

I returned to my California home to find the answering service filled with messages from people requesting prayer. Word quickly spread throughout the country that there was a lady on the west coast who had a healing gift. I began prayer services. Numerous miracles from God touched those at my gatherings. The crowds grew and grew and I realized a larger meeting place was required.

My only fear is you will find this all a bit overwhelming. I have had a Jobian life, contrasted with amazing miracles and visitations. I am blessed beyond means. I am driven to lead this movement to take Child Help to new heights and to reach millions more of children who are crying out to be saved. Join me will you?

God Bless all of you

Thomas Prendergast

I have set up 4 web conferences this weekend so all who wish to attend can attend. I am excited to see you all there:


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